Blue Hawk

Enterprise Server Monitoring

Organizations worldwide are going through an archetype shift in the field IT management. Everyone is in the stage of transitioning from legacy IT management to hybrid IT management, which involves cloud hosting, private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. With today’s complex nature of the business, reduce the workload and get better results by using our services as we help to bring you one step closer to success.

The project was based on developing an intuitive UI that required minimal onboarding and allows any IT professional to make actionable decisions the moment they opened the application. During user research, it was found that many users interacted with the application only when something was found wrong, in the morning and lastly when their workday was completed. Thus with that insight, it was concluded that the interface needed to be very action oriented to solve the users the problems as they are juggling many other tasks throughout the day. Providing a value of ease of mind to their work life.