10 Minute Marinade


Part of the Berry Plastics Design Team, we were challenged by the French’s team from Reckitt Benckiser to create a single usage package that could inject marinade directly into the meat. Thus allowing the consumer a quick, safe, and spill-free¬†experience. Also withholding a visual presence on the shelf.

Working closely with French’s, our design team was able to evaluate all packaging types to find the technology that best suited the product. By removing any pre-set design limitations the team was able to create a variety of hybrid and basic packaging solutions.


After multiple iterations, the team developed a laminate tube with a crimp designed to mimic French’s brand identity (pennant). A custom spike closure fits onto end of the tube to inject the marinade into the meat. The entire package stands on a clear overcap providing a unique look on the shelf.

With speed to market critical to success, the combined teams were able to launch Project Spike in nine months from concept to production.

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