Proact Mobile Alerts

Emerson Electric

Every minute counts when protecting perishable products and foodservice equipment. That’s why ProAct Services now offers the ProAct Alerts Mobile App, with real-time critical alerts, associated history and status information to save time, reduce maintenance costs and safeguard food.

ProAct Alerts Mobile App helps you make fast, informed decisions, no matter where you are. When an event occurs, you’ll be notified automatically on your iOS device. Each alert is linked to a specific asset, so you don’t have to go hunting to figure out which device triggered the alarm.

In addition, the app streamlines the process of providing detailed information to others who need it. This reduces the call time needed to resolve many issues, and may even save you the trouble of sending a technician to your site.

“Make fast, informed decisions to help safeguard food and protect equipment with real-time alerts to your mobile device.”