Dixon Hughes Goodman (DHG) Healthcare, Annual Conference

Pinnacle is an annual DHG team event which occurs each December in Orlando with the partnership of Disney. It is custom designed to educate and keep DHG’s Healthcare professionals apprised of industry dynamics, providing a unique perspective on transformation in healthcare. In addition to industry education, Pinnacle also provides DHG Healthcare with a setting to immediately apply lessons learned in a realistic environment through case study presentations and demonstrate team dynamics. The team was tasked with designing an interior space for the year 2014 and 2015 that represents the essential values of the firm with a sober, elegant and at the same time sophisticated, with major importance for the functionality of the space. To not only celebrate the end of the fiscal year for the practice but also to congratulate the past year’s winner of the Pinnacle award.

Development of a space that represents the essential values through the use of different colors that symbolize seriousness, professionalism, and confidence. The colors are applied repeatedly through the different used materials. Not wanting to fall into usual clichés of the accountant offices a bunch of elements is used to convert them into metaphors. The environmental space for the event can be considered as an example of a corporate space that transmits the employees’ work, highlighting their seriousness, professionalism, and confidence, with a vanguardian look unusual for healthcare practice. The team provided all of the videography, on-site editing, graphic design, environmental design, production, stage design, mobile app design and photography.